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Bangladesh is one of the least visited country in Asia. I spent two weeks there and had fun, however mainly due to the hospitality of Daria and Waldek who were working in the Commercial Counselor Office in Dhaka. Last week I spent alone traveling around the country but unfortunately it was not the nicest experience and I even shortened by trip. I found Bangladeshi people not very friendly and combination of such approach, religion and poverty was honestly quite horrible. However, Bangladesh is quite photogenic with unique culture and a good destination for a photographer.

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and one of the largest and most populated cities in the world. Visiting old Dhaka is an experience of a lifetime with a huge crowd completely unaccustomed to foreigners, pointing them with fingers or just starring at them. The town is dirty, especially near the Buriganga river with narrow streets crowded with people and millions of bicycle rickshaws and unfortunately thousands of beggars. Old Dkaha is really shocking even for an experience traveler like me and even Calcutta fifteen years ago appeared to me like a civilized world. I even know some foreigners who were actually crying after visiting old Dhaka.

Lallbagh Fort
Lalbagh Fort dated from 17th century is one of the Dhaka's main tourists attraction with beautiful garden, some interesting Mughal architecture. It is also a very peaceful place with few visitors and an excellent start for a tour aground Dhaka.

Dhaka, Bangladesh, Jacek Piwowarczyk, 1996
Dhaka, Bangladesh, Jacek Piwowarczyk, 1996
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Dhaka, Bangladesh, Jacek Piwowarczyk, 1996
Dhaka, Bangladesh, Jacek Piwowarczyk, 1996

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Dhaka, Bangladesh, Jacek Piwowarczyk, 1996
Dhaka, Bangladesh, Jacek Piwowarczyk, 1996
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