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Citizen Weather Observer Program


Mui Wo Automatic Weather Station (AWS)

The automatic weather station (AWS) is located in Mui Wo (Lantau Island, Hong Kong) This AWS should be able to provide weather information for the eastern part of Lantau Island.

This AWS is equipped with Vantage Pro2™ Cabled Integrated Sensor Suite with Cabled Weather Envoy and WeatherLink software from Davis and is capable of measuring temperature, relative humidity, dew point temperature, barometric pressure, rainfall, wind speed and direction.

About AWS

Current Weather at Mui Wo (Lantau Island) , Hong Kong SAR

Current Outside Temperature
Current Outside Humidity
Current Outside Dewpoint
Current Outside Heat Index

Current THW Index
Current Wind Chill
Day Rain
Rain RAte

monthly rain
yearly rain
Current Barometer
Current Air Density

Current Wind Direction
Current Wind Speed
1 Min Ang Wind Soeed

Weather during past 24 hours

Outside Temperature History Outside Humidity History

Wind Direction History
Wind Speed History

High Wind Direction History
Hi Wind Speed History
Rain History
Rain Rate History

Outside Due Point History
Heat Index History

THW Index History
Wind Chill Index History

Barometer History
Air Density History

Weather during past 7 days

Outside Temperature Weekly History
Outside Humidity Weekly History

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