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The United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC) was a large scale UN operation which took place in 1992-1993 and brought long needed peace, free and fair elections and beginning of democracy in Cambodia. I was proud to be part of the mission serving as the United Nation Volunteer and more precisely as District Electoral Supervisor in Kampong Trach and Bantaey Meas District in southern Kampot Province. Our task as DESes and front line staff was to conduct all the necessary preparations to the elections including voter registration, civic education, elections itself and counting processes. It was an incredible challenge as when we arrived to the district in September 1992, we found ourselves the first people to do everything from the scratch, including district electoral office set up. Probably the most important task was civil education, which involved meeting local authorities, monks, individual villagers and even Khmer Rouge soldiers and required 4X4 driving along terribly dilapidated roads, paths and even rice paddies avoiding numerous land mines, getting stuck or shot. My mass meetings turned to be a great success with anything from a few dozens up to few thousands of people attending. The result of our work was spectacular as over 95% of voters decided to come to our polling stations and vote for the future of their country. Below please find some of the pictures I have taken during this, probably the most interesting part of my life.

Kampong Trach, Cambodia, Jacek Piwowarczyk 1993
REF: CAM/388
REF: CAM/389
People in front of district electoral office in Kampong Trach.
French soldiers - our protectors. Without them our task would be impossible.

Kampong Trach, Cambodia, Jacek Piwowarczyk 1993
Kampong Trach, Cambodia, Jacek Piwowarczyk 1993
REF: CAM/390
REF: CAM/391
Meeting Khmer Rouge and their villagers.

Kampong Trach, Cambodia, Jacek Piwowarczyk 1993
Kampong Trach, Cambodia, Jacek Piwowarczyk 1993
REF: CAM/392
REF: CAM/393

Kampong Trach, Cambodia, Jacek Piwowarczyk 1993
Kampong Trach, Cambodia, Jacek Piwowarczyk 1993

REF: CAM/394

REF: CAM/395
Childern from the Khmer Rouge area.
Typical Cambodian country road - a big challange during the rainy season.

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© Jacek Piwowarczyk, Cambodia, 1993

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