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Mui Wo Automatic Weather Station (AWS)

LOcation of AWS
Location of Mui Wo AWS

The automatic weather station (AWS) is located in Mui Wo (Lantau Island, Hong Kong SAR, China) It should be able to provide weather information for the eastern part of Lantau Island.

This AWS is equipped with Vantage Pro2™ Cabled Integrated Sensor Suite with Cabled Weather Envoy and WeatherLink software from Davis and is capable of measuring temperature, relative humidity, dew point temperature,  barometric pressure, rainfall, wind speed and direction.

Detailed location:

Latitude: N 22° 15' 50''
Longitude: E 114° 00' 06''
Elevation: 20 m.a.s.l.

Location Map (Click here)

Meteorological terms explanatory notes: please click here

Please note that data are for personal interest only. Do not use the data for decision making

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